Anonymous asked: Different Anon here. Whose this Marvin guy? When did you guys start talking? :3

Okay… I’m not answering anymore questions about Marvin and I anonymously… If you want to know about it I won’t post it and I’ll answer you directly… Omg.

Anonymous asked: o do you top or does he? LOL

He does. Duh. LOL

Anonymous asked: remember when you were straight? LOLOL that was like years ago

Awks lol

Anonymous asked: I really hope you're not trolling. :( I dunno why I genuinely want you guys to be together, but if you're telling the truth, you just made my day :D <3

I’m not.. We’re together and we fuck on the daily πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Œ

Anonymous asked: I'm like asking a serious question: Are you and Marvin finally seeing eachother/ talking?

Yes. We’re not official, but it’s happening.



I’d hit that.

Is this me

I want him…

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Okay yeah but if I do this, it’s automatically weird

Oh hello…

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